Inner Transformation Journey

You begin to view the world from an inner place when you have walked through a transformation of such a magnitude as if you are viewing life from the perception of the caterpillar as it emerges into a butterfly…you witness those who point fingers in judgment and who may make up accusations that they believe…Read more »

Freedom Calling Me

I know I must have Gypsy Blood somewhere in my lineage! I just cannot stay put in one place, and the older I get, the more freedom my Spirit screams it must have! I  put  all that would not fit in my car in storage , headed about 5 1/2  hours away to hang out…Read more »

Feeling Adventure In My Skin

For many years I have known that I could not stay in one place without wanderlust pulling at my soul. For this reason I have changed jobs, moved from hither to yon, and traveled as often as I could fit wandering into my life. Often work interfered and even sometimes partners did not understand my…Read more »