Sharing Moments With Strangers

    It has been my fortune and pleasure to be able to travel to almost every corner and in between in my country. My footsteps have connected with a variety of cultures, ethnicities, waters, and lands.  Though I have at times traveled with companions, I cherish the sacred solo journeys I have experienced during…Read more »

Reflections Offered By Autumn

     It is mid October as I notice how the elements of nature are changing. The mornings have that crisp chill in the air. The green blades of grass are encapsulated with dewy coverings in  a community of cobwebs as my naked feet connect with the Spirit of the Earth. I find myself reminiscing on…Read more »


    Journeying to a new location always feeds my soul! I have been in my current setting for three weeks, and the connections have been cosmically orchestrated, it seems by a mystical alignment , affirming central Virginia chose me to come here! Though I am not musically gifted I joined a drumming circle that my…Read more »


I know I have always had  an inner voice that speaks to me. For many years I would hear the inner messages and doubt them. There were times I believed my brilliant mind could somehow come up with answers that would solve inner conflicts. Today I find humor in that illusion. For the past three…Read more »

Freedom Calling Me

I know I must have Gypsy Blood somewhere in my lineage! I just cannot stay put in one place, and the older I get, the more freedom my Spirit screams it must have! I  put  all that would not fit in my car in storage , headed about 5 1/2  hours away to hang out…Read more »